Under our constitution membership of CSI is open to anyone who supports the aims of the organisation and participates in its activities and who provides their contact information for inclusion on our membership list.

Only members of CSI may vote at the Annual Meeting.

Our membership list currently includes committee members, landowners, field operatives, volunteers and donors.

In accordance with Data Protection Regulations we use the membership list to provide people with details of our meetings, activities, events or volunteering opportunities. The information is kept safe and secure and we do not share any data with third parties unless we have the explicit consent of the relevant individual or unless we were legally required to do so.

Members have the right to see a copy of the information we hold and they can ask to amend or delete their information at any time by contacting the Committee.

The membership list is reviewed annually and personal information is automatically deleted from our records once someone has been inactive for a period of at least 12 months.

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Help Save Red Squirrels

The local Red Squirrel population is fighting hard against the constant threat from Grey Squirrels and we really need your help.

Donate to The Caldew Squirrel Initiative

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Please contact us if you have seen a Red Squirrel

  • Have you seen a Red or Grey Squirrel?
  • Where was the sighting?
  • When was the sighting?
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Woodland Trust & the Red Squirrel

Red squirrels can live in all types of woodland but prefer mixed broad-leaf and coniferous woodland as this provides a diverse source of food all year round.

Without woods, our native wildlife cannot survive. All British animals rely on our native trees as the foundation of the ecosystem.