The Caldew Squirrel Initiative has been chosen as part of the Coop Local Community Fund for the next year.

For every £1 spent in store by Coop loyalty card members who select CSI as their preferred cause,1p will be donated to us by the Coop to help our fundraising efforts to save local red squirrels.

To support us if you can, you need to :

1. Become a Coop Loyalty Card Member. You can join by visiting or by downloading the Coop Membership Rewards app.

2. Select “The Caldew Squirrel Initiative” as your preferred cause – the following link will help :

3. Purchase Coop branded goods when shopping in-store. The nearest Coop stores are in Dalston, Carlisle or Wigton but you can shop at any Coop Group store nationwide.

4. Make sure you always swipe your Membership Reward card at the checkout.

As well as helping save red squirrels, Coop Membership means you will also receive personal rewards and discounts as you shop.