The Caldew Squirrel Initiative

Helping to save red squirrels in the Caldew Valley

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Welcome to The Caldew Squirrel Initiative

The Caldew Squirrel Initiative is a collaboration between volunteers, landowners & conservationists that aims to preserve & enhance the native red squirrel population across an area surrounding the River Caldew & the villages of Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck, Sebergham, Welton & Dalston in Cumbria.

Help Save Red Squirrels

The local Red Squirrel population is fighting hard against the constant threat from Grey Squirrels and we really need your help.

Please contact us if you have seen a Red Squirrel

  • Have you seen a Red or Grey Squirrel?
  • Where was the sighting?
  • When was the sighting?
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Woodland Trust & the Red Squirrel

Red squirrels can live in all types of woodland but prefer mixed broad-leaf and coniferous woodland as this provides a diverse source of food all year round.

Without woods, our native wildlife cannot survive. All British animals rely on our native trees as the foundation of the ecosystem.

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06 Sep 2023
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Hesket Newmarket Show

06 Sep 2023

Thanks to everyone who visited our stall at the Hesket Newmarket show on Saturday. It was great to meet so many supporters and through your kindness we managed to raise…

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Contact Us

You can help save red squirrels by contacting The Caldew Squirrel Initiative to :

  • Report any red or grey squirrels you see in the area.
  • Offer a donation.
  • Help as a volunteer.
  • Consent for field volunteers to access your woodland.
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